• What will my bank statement say when i purchase from you?
    • We try to ensure that your sexy secrets remain secret. Your statement will read as Boxes of fun.  When our parcels are delivered they will be in blank packaging to ensure your neighbours, children, or parents won't find out what your box of fun is.

  • Will you pass my details on to anybody else?
    • Under no circumstances will we give our customers details to any persons, companies, or third parties, without consent, or unless a warrant is submitted. You can withdraw consent at any time, please read our privacy policy. Your confidentiality is our priority and we will keep it that way.

Coupon codes

  • How do i use promotional coupon codes?
    • Promotional discount coupon codes can be used at the view cart area to receive discounts. Look for the Use Coupon Code checkbox and select this option to enter the code given to receive the proposed discount.

Delivery information

  • Do my orders need to be signed for?
    • All orders must be signed for to confirm delivery. Remember your box of fun will be packaged discretely so whoever signs for it won't know what's inside.

  • What are your delivery costs?
    • Delivery takes 1-3 days. 48-hour delivery is [£3.49] or 24-hour delivery is [4.99]. International. Delivery takes 7-10 days and has a flat rate charge of [£16]. Goods are dispatched by Royal Mail Recorded delivery.

  • When will my delivery arrive?
    • Our delivery options are next day delivery, or items can be delivered within 3 working days.  If orders are made before 1 pm, items can be delivered the next working day. Please select the appropriate delivery option when selecting your items at the checkout area.

Gift vouchers

  • How do gift vouchers work?
    • Gift vouchers are the perfect way to show how much you care. Simply visit our gift voucher page and type in the recipient's & your name and email address, choose a theme for the occasion, with the amount to be gifted and a brief message. When you press continue, your gift card will be added to the basket and can be paid for. Once paid, you will receive a confirmation and your gift voucher will be automatically emailed to your recipient.



  • How do i pay?
    • Once items have been added to your shopping basket, you can then visit your basket to see your items, or remove items. By pressing the checkout button you will be transferred to a page where you can enter your personal details. Please use mobile numbers for contact because they can also receive text messages. After entering your personal details you will then have the option to choose your delivery times. Once you have confirmed your delivery time you can choose your method of payment, direct bank transfer or debit/credit card. Once your payment has been approved you will receive a confirmation email which is your proof of purchase and your order is then complete.

Registering for an account

  • How do i become an affiliate?
    • Simply visit our affiliate page, and select continue. In the next page, you will be able to fill out your personal information and how you wish to be paid. When you sign in, go to Custom Affiliate Tracking Code, then Type in the name of a product you would like to sell in the Tracking Link Generator.  Use the created hyperlink to share on your website, blog, or social networks to generate website traffic for us and earn a 5% commission on your referral after a person pays us making use of your web link.

      There are no limitations on the number of people you can refer, the number of commissions you can make, or the number of instances you can share the link. Once you earn ₤50 in your account, you can ask for a payment, and your money will be sent out to your bank account or the preferred payment method.

Returns, exchanges & refunds

  • How do i cancel an order?
    • If you want to cancel your order, contact us and submit your name, address, & order number, and we will issue a refund if your item has not been dispatched yet. If it is too late and your order has already been dispatched then please don't open your product when it arrives, let us know you are returning it.  A member of staff will contact you soon with the address to return products to.  Please read our terms and conditions for full details.

  • How do i return or exchange an item?
    • The return or exchange procedure is simple. Customers must contact our admin department to let us know items are being returned.  A member of staff will send you the appropriate return address depending on the reason for the return, and as long as the returned item complies with our return policy a full refund or exchange will be granted.

  • I dont want it anymore what do i do?
    • When a product is unwanted we can offer an exchange or a refund as long as the packaging of the item has not been opened, and you let us know within 7 days of receiving the item.  We have this policy to ensure hygiene standards are upheld. Please read the return policy on our terms and conditions page.

Safety & Security

  • How do i know your website is safe to use?
    • Whenever you visit a website, information is transferred from your computer to the webserver and back to your computer. This transaction is normally sent in plain text. This means it is readable by individuals if they see it. Take into consideration when personal information is being sent this would leave a security risk. The solution to this problem is to ensure data is encrypted before transmission. To serve this purpose Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was created. SSL does this by using a complex system of key exchanges involving your browser and the webserver you are communicating with so your data is encrypted before sending it across the internet. Our BOF store has an SSL Certificate that certifies that your content and information is safe, this can be confirmed by the padlock symbol in your URL browser.



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